In the event of an auto accident:

  • Notify police immediately
  • Obtain names and addresses of other parties involved, including witnesses
  • DO NOT ADMIT FAULT or discuss accident with anyone except authorities or an insurance company representative
  • Notify us promptly at (440)937-5515   


In the event of a home owner's disaster:  

  • Do your best to prevent further damage and liability issues by securing your home from the weather and intruders.  When the company comes to board up the windows and doors, MAKE SURE the contract if for "board-up" only.  It's sad, but there are companies out there who might try to take advantage of you while you're vulnerable
  • Call the insurance company as soon as possible so that a claims adjuster can be assigned to help walk you through the process
  • Keep all receipts and document EVERYTHING 


To report an accident on weekends, holidays or after business hours, please call the claims department of the company you're insured with at the number listed below:

                                                                        Western Reserve Group:  1-800-362-0426

                                                                        Progressive:  1-800-274-4499

                                                                        Bristol West (Foremost):  1-800-274-7865

                                                                        American Modern Home:  1-800-543-2644